Our Services

Buliding Permit

Every building within the municipality must have a permit to ensure that it is in line with all safety and regulatory principles of the assembly. Get more information here

Marriage Registration

Learn more about how to register your marriage here with us. We help you take your first steps into your happy future

Waste Management

It is the joint duty of every resident within the municipality to ensure that we have a clean and healthy Weija-Gbawe. Learn more with us

Business Operating Permit

Get a permit for operating a business here with us. Let us show you how.

Property Rate

Pay your property rate to us to ensure development within your community

Signage Permit

Ensure that you get a permit for all your signages within the municipaity. Let us show you how

Environmental And Health Permit

Get your environmental health permit to promote and protect public health and safety

Temporary Structure Permit

Ensure to get a permit for any temporary structure or fence erected round a building or construction site

Embosement of commercial vehicle

Learn more about how to embose your taxi or trotro. Let us show you how.

Commercial Drivers Lisense

Get in-touch with us to know more about acquiring a commercial drivers lisense

Stickers for commercial vehicles

Get stickers for your commercial vehicles with us for easy identification. Let us show you how