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Earlier today, the tenacious Member of Parliament for Weija-Gbawe Constituency and the Municipal Chief Executive for Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayeley Mensah and Hon. Dr. Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor respectively paid a working visit to the construction site of the ultra-modern Astro Turf pitch at New Gbawe Cluster of Schools.
The Astro Turf which is 315 feet in length when completed will be the biggest Astro Turf constructed in Ghana. it is expected to hold 700 capacity.
According to the contractor on site, the Astro Turf pitch which of FIFA standard is at the stage of leveling with chippings, to be followed with compartment and then the synthetic pitch follows. He said, the project is nearing 80% completion rate. He said in coming weeks, 400 seats will be fitted, and then a space created for popular stand which is expected to hold 250 people in capacity. After, a basement will be
created for changing rooms, place of convenience with seats fitted on the top of basement to house the VIPs. He said the VIP area will hold some 50 to 60 VIPs. The contractor gave November ending as time line to complete the magnificent edifice.
In an interview with the sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency, she acknowledged the immense work done by the contractor and stated emphatically that the project is being executed under the One Million United States Dollars advanced by the government of Ghana through the defunct Ministry of Special Development Initiatives’ subsidiary known as the Coastal Development Authority (C0DA)
In 2018, the lawmaker, Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayeley Mensah wrote to the CoDA requesting for the construction of an Astro Turf pitch in fulfillment of a campaign promise she made to youth of New-Gbawe Electoral Area and by Weija-Gbawe constituency in 2016.
For purposes of emphasis, the lawmaker stated without mincing words that, the execution of the Astro turf pitch is part of the One Million USD advanced to Weija-Gbawe constituency.
Out of the same amount, the motorable bridge which connects Mallam and Awoshie area and the gigantic storm drain at SCC were constructed.
The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Dr. Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor reiterated that the Assembly is responsible for the supervision and execution of the project under its watch and as such the project is being executed under the One Million USD initiative developed by the President of the Republic of Ghana.