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New MCE Outlines Vision For Weija-Gbawe

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) nominee for the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region, Mr Patrick Kwasi Brago Kumor, has finally been confirmed by the assembly members as the substantive MCE in the assembly election held on Wednesday August 29, 2018 after he was rejected on two consecutive occasions.


Consequently, the vibrant new MCE promised to work in partnership with the chiefs, state security agencies, youth, religious and opinion leaders to fight armed robberies, land-guard activities, flood, food insecurity and filth which had plagued his municipality.

Mr Kumor gave the assurance that he was ready to help President Akufo-Addo to deliver his campaign policies of making the city of Accra clean, providing security for Ghanaians, free SHS educational policy, one-district-one factory amongst others.


The newly elected MCE made the foregoing assurances while speaking in an exclusive interview with Today on Saturday, August 31, 2018, after his confirmation, which was supervised by the Weija-Gbawe municipal electoral commissioner and other dignitaries.


According to him, the Weija-Gbawe Constituency was beleaguered with several challenges; key amongst them were sanitation, flood and poor road network.


However, he assured that these problems would be addressed during his tenure.


“Be assured that I shall be committed to this high calling in order to represent your interest in the public sector, health, housing, education, sanitation, trade and industry, transport, mining, agriculture, energy, security and private sector.


“I wish to emphasise that the position you have gracefully bestowed on me shall be 24/7 subject to your reproof, reprimand, correction, critique, rebuke, admonishing and above all termination,” Mr Kumor further assured.


He noted that he intends to build a Weija-Gbawe municipality where hard work, creativity and enterprise will reward.


According to Mr Kumor, his vision is to place people at the centre of development and lay a solid foundation for a safe Weija-Gbawe that will work and give each and every resident the opportunity to improve his or her life, irrespective of his or her socio-economic background, gender, status and tribe.


He pledged to offer a new approach of doing things, to drive the agenda for achieving this vision, including removing bottlenecks that stifle the growth of the private sector and create one of the best environments for private sector growth and development in the area.


“l am intended to energise the creative potential of residents of Weija-Gbawe through the provision of a new sense of leadership, new approach to the management of the internal revenue generation, renew confidence in the people and renew hope in our common future,” he indicated.


He reiterated time and time again how he wants to bring about transformation in the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly revenue generation as quickly as possible, stressing that the move gives a clear sense of direction that he wants the municipality to grow.


He expressed his appreciation to members of the assembly for reposing confidence in him to propel the development of the area and urged them to support him to ensure that all the good policies of the government were implemented to develop the area.


He appealed to the chiefs, religious leaders, departments’ heads, party faithful, opinion leaders, the youth and family members to support him to serve the municipality with integrity devoid of factionalism and troubles.


He pledged to run an open administration to ensure that people with great ideas were brought on board, to contribute their quota towards the development of the area, adding that “I believe together we shall achieve a better life for all.”


“We need to work together to address issues of falling standards of education, armed robbery, lawlessness, unemployment, water and sanitation, poor road infrastructure, food insecurity, land litigation, land-guard activities, alcoholism and teenage pregnancy.

“We shall operate an open-door policy to welcome proposals and contributions to support me put the Weija-Gbawe municipality on the path of progress,” he said.

He called on all to get rid of negative attitudes that would divide Weija-Gbawe municipality and focus on how they can collectively work to have their fair share of the ongoing national development agenda set by President Akufo-Addo.

Meanwhile, Mr Kumor, who will officially assume office today (Monday, September 3, 2018), has given the assurance that with support from his teammates, much will be done to transform the municipality, making it a preferred destination for investors and businesses.