The Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly (WGMA) has held a Town Hall meeting.

The event took place on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at the Gbawe Methodist Church.

Hon. Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Madam Vida Awuku, Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Hon. Andrew Oppong Amoako, the Presiding Member (PM), Assembly Members, Heads of the various departments, Stool representatives from Gbawe and Weija communities, Residents Association heads, and residents from the municipality were present at the meeting.

The Townhall meeting was organized to unveil the action plan for 2023, the projected budget with various revenue sources, and for residents and various groups to air their views and grievances.

Madam Vida Awuku (MCD) outlined the need for regular organizations of such fora in order to pick the minds of stakeholders and let them in on the workings of the Assembly in her opening remarks.

In his remarks to the House, Hon. Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor (MCE) mentioned some government policies that have reduced hardship. Planting For Food and Jobs (PFFJ) and Free Senior High School, were notable examples.

He also mentioned projects around the municipality that have been stalled for a while due to the current economic difficulties.

Djanman and Borla Road, Zero to Gonse, Choice, Nipa y3 bad, C-connie roads, and others were among them.

The MCE also mentioned building a bridge over the Baaley River.

Madam Evelyn Lardi Awo, the Municipal Planning Officer, outlined the action plans.

Education, Health, Environmental Health, Infrastructure, and Social Development were among the notable areas.

In terms of education, Madam Awo mentioned the organization of "My First Day At School" and "Independence Day" celebrations, as well as the distribution of text and exercise books, among other activities.

She said that these would encourage students and teachers in the municipality.

The current state of the Senior High School being built at Weija, was also mentioned.

The Planning Officer mentioned the construction of a 45-bed childrens hospital at the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Hospital in terms of Health and Environmental Health.

She also mentioned community sensitization and immunisation against diseases such as tuberculosis, as well as health officer training.

The Operation Clean Your Frontage concept has been added to the 2023 plans. Plans for social welfare were also discussed. Some of the plans mentioned focused on training women in various arts such as beadwork, yogurt production, and women empowerment programmes. Disability sensitization and support for people with disabilities were also mentioned. The construction of a police station in Gonse was mentioned under Infrastructure. In addition, some municipal schools have been chosen for renovation. To improve visibility, streetlights would be installed throughout the municipality. Desilting and dredging in the municipality were not overlooked. In addition, culverts would be built in various flood-prone areas throughout the municipality. The Municipal Assembly building was also mentioned, with plans to finish the first floor of the new office block. Residents Association heads, Assembly members, and opinion leaders in attendance were urged to encourage their members to pay their Property Rates, Permits, and Business Operation Permits in order to help the Municipality raise funds to carry out the activities and projects mentioned. There were suggestions, questions, and views from the audience. Hon. Patrick Kumor (MCE), in his closing remarks, thanked all for coming and assured them of the Assemblys commitment to continue to chart the cause of the municipality. He called for an all-hands-on approach. Julius Sarpei, PRO, Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly.