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Director of Agriculture


The agricultural sector can boast of produce such as cassava, maize, pineapples, and cow-pea among others. However, the sector has not seen much growth within the past few years in spite of several government initiatives aimed at facilitating the growth of the sector. This has basically been caused by the loss of existing farmlands to sand winners as well as growth in estate development and acquisition of land for private housing projects. 

It has been observed that incomes accrued from the lease of lands to private and estate developers are generally higher than for agricultural purposes hence, the preference of landowners to lease out lands for purposes other than agriculture. Notwithstanding the above situation, the Municipality lies in the catchment area of the President’s Special Initiative (PSI) for cassava for the production of industrial starch. 

The Roots and Tubers Improvement Programme (RTIP) which has tremendous government support and funding as well as the Export Development and Investment Fund (EDIF) that can be accessed by non-traditional export crops producers and exporters alike provide good opportunities for local farmers. A vibrant market opportunity for these agricultural products present a big challenge to the Assembly to focus on creating the enabling environment as well as supporting agricultural-based enterprises to create jobs for the unemployed and reduce poverty among the people. 

The poultry and livestock farming exist in most communities. However, this sub-sector is in recent times experiencing a decreasing trend of growth. High cost of inputs such as day old chicks, feed, drugs etc; and the importation of selectively cheaper poultry products have resulted in high cost of production, which aggravates the situation. The fisheries sector is a potential area for economic development, especially the Weija Lake.